Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Any argument you have is invalid.

This is the third time I believe I visit Sand Diego. I have a gay sister there who lives with her girlfriend, she's a navy reservist and a gogo dancer at this lez bar called the flame, she's also a model. Quite beautiful the conceited bitch. (just ask kathy)

The ticket around this time about $300 in case anyone is interested.  California is surrounded by so much natural beauty, mountains, waterfalls, and a much better public transportation service than what we have here. The night life in Miami IS better, but then again. L.A. is less than a 3 hour drive away. It's hot (but not humid) during the summer days and breezy at night. While on my trip I got to see the gay night life, ( which I don't remember much of) went hiking to some beautiful waterfalls, the hike was about an hour long and hot and the water was almost freezing but felt really good after the hike. I got to ran in this trail MADE for runners/walkers/bikers with beautiful scenery along the way that went for about 6 miles. There is a fair at the pier by the beach during summer, and then a much bigger fair (like Santas Enchaned Forest). There are farmers markets EVERYWHERE where I had the best piece of mango I've  ever tried and other handmade trinkets,  not like here where you have to drive to BFE to find one. I also visited Old Town which is full of mexican culture and amazing food.
Everytime I go to California I leave a bit sad, my dream is to one day live there.

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