Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Okay so Nia & I both fail in this blogging world. Much has happened including me being a total emotional mess who needs therapy :)
I started doing yoga thanks to my lovely sister who is now a yoga instructor in Boulder.
My sister and I will be starting a beauty blog.
She has her own blog Celebritytruthiness It's a celebrity gossip blog but she also did a post on the curly girl method for hair. Anyone with troubled curly hair needs to read about it.

Nia is currently in Peru for a month visiting family so I'm hoping when she comes back she'll have a trillion stories to write about here & I will be flying to Philly next week to visit my family so I should have photos and stories to share from there.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another epic fail on my part thanks to my short attention span and busy life

& the fact nothing amusing has happened to me lately and I forget everything. I bought workout shoes so I can start getting in shape and working out with Nia so i'll be writing about that when it starts. Also dyeing parts of my hair purple just because I feel like it so I'll be writing about what hair dye I use and if I go for the subtle hint of color non bleached look or not.
I did a hair wrap on myself for the first time in like 8years. Just because I felt like it.
Note: My webcam sucks and I didn't want to take a picture of my face because I just rolled out of bed. I wasn't trying to be all badass-ness up in here just want to show off the wrap and keep my face hidden.

Fall classes are starting and I'm working at sports bar/grill type place and a retail job so It's going to be a hectic few months but I really want to try staying faithful with blogging(because i always end up slacking with every blog i start) Hopefully Nia joining me will help. I'm taking a creative writing class for the first time since high school so maybe that'll help me get back into writing.

ALSO I'm going to be honest when I'm not working or out consuming copious amounts of alcohol I find myself sitting blankly in front of my laptop reading The Bloggess. Her blog is extremely addicting and she's hilarious! I've been going back and reading some of her older posts falling in love with her style and her sidekick James Garfield. Seriously I want be this woman's neighbor. So basically my horrible updating habits can be blamed on her. Go read her blog. It's more amusing than mine

Again if anyone out there is even reading this. I will try to post very random amusing posts when I remember or can think of some. I'll also try to remind Nia too.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


If you need someone to motivate your ass to workout and eat healthy, I'm your man (or woman)
Anyhow I started this all womens' fitness boot-camp about a month ago.
When I say bootcamp I mean MOTHER-F-ING BOOT-CAMP. 
I'm already an active person, I love to run and exercise, but without more, I managed to puke and almost faint on my very first day -___- not the best first impression for my cute trainer. 
Either way, since I'm already small I'm not looking to loose weight, more like get toned and get muscle. So far I've lost two pounds but I absolutely love the class, you workout the WHOLE hour you are in there the class is only 6 girls so I get lots of personal attention and a meal plan (which is a bit hard to follow when you like to drink).

that's the website if anyone is interested.

I've made a few meals which are rich in protein and low in carbs & fat and will post them as I make them.

Turkey Veggie Stir-Fry
tasted pretty fucking good. (I also made one with tofu the next day which was just as amazing!)

Monday, August 1, 2011

"The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will."
- Chuck Palahniuk


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friends With Benefits (is a nicer way to say fuck buddy)

I've recently watched the movie Friends With Benefits, ( with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake). Loved it. ( I guess we can call this a review with spoilers involved, but I'm not going to summarize everything that happened for you) 

As opposed to what many people are saying, I believe that No Strings Attached and FWB while having the same concept are not the same movie. The plot in FWB is much more developed (I also believe the movie is longer it runs for 2 hours) you see the relationship between Dylan and Jamie actually happen, and there is more background to the characters. I can also relate to this movie a lot because what I've had in my life are many NOT BOYFRIENDS, just FWB that I sometimes fall for (e.g. my current situation)

In FWB we meet both of the main characters family. In one scene in the midst of sex between the two characters Jamies' mother busts into her room appearing from some vacation she took. We learn that neither her mother or Jamie know who her father this for her mother has had many lovers that she can't recount. Her mother is not you typical mother figure and even passes out drunk in Jamies room at one point. During a trip they both take together we meet Dylans whole family, specially his father who has Alzheimer and often forgets that he is divorced and decides to take off his pants in public places. As the plot develops and both parties at one point have an argument and break off, they each deal with their family issues and resolve them like in any other typical movie. The first sex scene in the movie is funny enough that it takes any awkwardness away if you were watching it with parents. Justin and Mila have amazing chemistry throughout the whole movie and in my opinion are much funnier than NSA.  The end we can all guess what it is, and if not, go watch the movie.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First product review

There isn't much going on for me so I decided to do a product review on Lush. I just feel like sharing some products I like to use. The pictures wont be as interesting as Nia's beautiful California ones but hey it's something haha.

Yesterday Nia & I went shopping. The plan was originally just to buy more clothes for work but when we got to the mall I had an urge to buy stuff form Lush. If you aren't familiar with Lush they sell handmade organic/vegan body products. Some of the stuff can be a bit expensive (expensive isn't fun when you're a full time college student who has to work 2 jobs to pay for everything) but a little goes a long way with most the products. Also they’re very giving with samples. I usually just go in and choose 3 or 4 different things I want to try out and they let me with no problem.

These are the 3 things I got yesterday Sweet Lips lip scrub which I bought for my mom last Christmas & I've been dying to try out. I've never used a bath bomb before and they gave both of us one for free. i think this one is Honey Lumps but I'm not sure and Imperials moisturizer for my face. Once I try these out I'll write a review on them.

Today's review will be on:
                                                              Prince shaving cream
I’ve had Prince for a year and I love it. It leaves my legs and arms super smooth and I’ve never had razor burn while using it. It does tend to clog my razor a lot so while I’m shaving I have to frequently rinse the razor under running water to avoid the build up. As most Lush products a little goes a long way. It’s lasted pretty long since I don’t use it all the time. I usually save it for when I have more than just short stubble growing. Overall it’s a great product with no irritation but It’s pretty tough on your razor so not recommended for everyday use in my opinion

                                                                        Mange Too
Mange Too I’ve had for a long time as well. I’m not a huge fan of massage bars or oils due to the greasy feeling but I do enjoy this one every now and then. I usually use it when my knees are hurting and a bit dry. Since it tends to melt like a lot of Lush’s solid bar products I avoid keeping it in my bathroom and instead keep it wrapped in Lush’s biodegradable yellow bag and in my dresser drawer which leaves all my clothes in there smelling amazing. Definitely great if you’re big on massage bars and oils or have aching muscles and joints. It’s more fun when you have someone apply it for you too ;)

                                                      All my current Lush products

This is my first product review ever. I might do more of these on different products depending if it ever gets any responses if not then that just makes a crazy person reviewing things to myself -___-


Pictures From California