Tuesday, August 9, 2011


If you need someone to motivate your ass to workout and eat healthy, I'm your man (or woman)
Anyhow I started this all womens' fitness boot-camp about a month ago.
When I say bootcamp I mean MOTHER-F-ING BOOT-CAMP. 
I'm already an active person, I love to run and exercise, but without more, I managed to puke and almost faint on my very first day -___- not the best first impression for my cute trainer. 
Either way, since I'm already small I'm not looking to loose weight, more like get toned and get muscle. So far I've lost two pounds but I absolutely love the class, you workout the WHOLE hour you are in there the class is only 6 girls so I get lots of personal attention and a meal plan (which is a bit hard to follow when you like to drink).

that's the website if anyone is interested.

I've made a few meals which are rich in protein and low in carbs & fat and will post them as I make them.

Turkey Veggie Stir-Fry
tasted pretty fucking good. (I also made one with tofu the next day which was just as amazing!)

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