Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another epic fail on my part thanks to my short attention span and busy life

& the fact nothing amusing has happened to me lately and I forget everything. I bought workout shoes so I can start getting in shape and working out with Nia so i'll be writing about that when it starts. Also dyeing parts of my hair purple just because I feel like it so I'll be writing about what hair dye I use and if I go for the subtle hint of color non bleached look or not.
I did a hair wrap on myself for the first time in like 8years. Just because I felt like it.
Note: My webcam sucks and I didn't want to take a picture of my face because I just rolled out of bed. I wasn't trying to be all badass-ness up in here just want to show off the wrap and keep my face hidden.

Fall classes are starting and I'm working at sports bar/grill type place and a retail job so It's going to be a hectic few months but I really want to try staying faithful with blogging(because i always end up slacking with every blog i start) Hopefully Nia joining me will help. I'm taking a creative writing class for the first time since high school so maybe that'll help me get back into writing.

ALSO I'm going to be honest when I'm not working or out consuming copious amounts of alcohol I find myself sitting blankly in front of my laptop reading The Bloggess. Her blog is extremely addicting and she's hilarious! I've been going back and reading some of her older posts falling in love with her style and her sidekick James Garfield. Seriously I want be this woman's neighbor. So basically my horrible updating habits can be blamed on her. Go read her blog. It's more amusing than mine

Again if anyone out there is even reading this. I will try to post very random amusing posts when I remember or can think of some. I'll also try to remind Nia too.

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