Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friends With Benefits (is a nicer way to say fuck buddy)

I've recently watched the movie Friends With Benefits, ( with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake). Loved it. ( I guess we can call this a review with spoilers involved, but I'm not going to summarize everything that happened for you) 

As opposed to what many people are saying, I believe that No Strings Attached and FWB while having the same concept are not the same movie. The plot in FWB is much more developed (I also believe the movie is longer it runs for 2 hours) you see the relationship between Dylan and Jamie actually happen, and there is more background to the characters. I can also relate to this movie a lot because what I've had in my life are many NOT BOYFRIENDS, just FWB that I sometimes fall for (e.g. my current situation)

In FWB we meet both of the main characters family. In one scene in the midst of sex between the two characters Jamies' mother busts into her room appearing from some vacation she took. We learn that neither her mother or Jamie know who her father this for her mother has had many lovers that she can't recount. Her mother is not you typical mother figure and even passes out drunk in Jamies room at one point. During a trip they both take together we meet Dylans whole family, specially his father who has Alzheimer and often forgets that he is divorced and decides to take off his pants in public places. As the plot develops and both parties at one point have an argument and break off, they each deal with their family issues and resolve them like in any other typical movie. The first sex scene in the movie is funny enough that it takes any awkwardness away if you were watching it with parents. Justin and Mila have amazing chemistry throughout the whole movie and in my opinion are much funnier than NSA.  The end we can all guess what it is, and if not, go watch the movie.

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